Effects Of Poor Communication In Business

February 17, 2017 Shanti Kamps 0

Effective communication is a compulsory element of a business organization. Communication is effective when the intended message has been received and understood by the recipient and also feedback should be received by the sender to confirm receipt. Effective communication is needed to ensure the goals and objectives have been communicated to the employees and to make sure they know what the work to be done is. There could be many drawbacks in a business due to poor communication. So here are some of them.

1. Decreased productivity

Effective communication ensures clear transfer of the intended message. However, when this does not happen, the employees seem to be confused on what exactly needs to be done. This will make them go back over the original task and also waste valuable time on understanding the message. This will of course bring down productivity since double the time is needed now to get a task done. Hence you need to ensure the message is brief and clear. Also, ensure they are aware of the communication process in the organization; how messages are passed, whom it should go through, will the company provide a prepaid sim card Hong Kong etc.

2. Low employee morale

Communication is a two-way street and this is very important to uphold the morale and motivation of employees. Researches have found that companies, whose managers are closely associated with employees and communicating with them often, are more likely to perform well. It is true since clear cut instruction will not leave employees confused. Confusion leads to job dissatisfaction since they will not be able to fulfill their tasks up to standard. Hence you need to communicate with your employees all the time and make them feel comfortable to ask any clarifications or state any problems. To make communications easier, provide your employees with company sim card China, internet facilities etc.

3. Decreased innovation

Innovations are essential for companies and hence are always encouraged. Employees who have been directed properly know exactly what is needed to be done, what kind of innovations will be suitable, how it will contribute to society etc. Make sure you create an environment that freely communicates so that whatever innovation brought up by the lower level employees can be presented to the managers with no hesitation.

4. Mistakes

Mistakes and wastage is high when effective communication is not present. Employees with no proper instructions obviously tend to make more mistakes along with higher wastage. This will bring up additional cost to employees and also proper training should be done all over again to avoid such mistakes. The time wasted on it could have used in production activities if communication was effective. Hence always make sure you give out the correct message clearly, once and for all.

Where To Fix A Damaged Smart Phone?

July 11, 2016 Shanti Kamps 0

Smart phone is a devise that we carry almost everywhere with us. The more it is being carried, more chances for accidents to take place. You might drop it on the ground while running to catch a bus, your toddler might drop it inside his milk cup or it might even accidentally fall from your hands inside the swimming pool. Some of us might be having the fanciest phone covers or the most durable screen protectors. Even though, sometime accidents are not preventable. Most of the phones now a days end up with a crack screen, water damaged camera lances or battery problems by encountering an accident.

Do it your self

If you search on YouTube, there will be enough and more videos on how to gather knowledge on, fixing a damaged phone. There are many ways explained on different scenarios, sometimes it might be easier than you think and of course it is one of the cheapest ad easiest ways to repair your phone if you manage to do it accurately. However, it is very important that you make sure what you’re doing and the reliability of the sources that information comes from. Any further damaged caused to your phone might be very costly and at times your phone it may even be impossible to get back to its original state.

Repair shops

Any repairs on Samsung galaxy or like iphone 6 screen repairs, can be very costly if you plan to get it repaired by the factory itself. It can also be very time consuming. There are many phone repair shops available in the market today. They provide services much cheaper than the factory services. You can also expect a much quicker service from them. Some may even repair a phone within a few minutes depending on the damage. This is a much better option than doing it buy yourself when it comes to the reliability.  Almost all the phone repair workers today carry a good knowledge and they are well experienced in tackling different kinds of repairs. However, there can be a few fraudsters as well. It is up to you to do some research before making a visit to the shop.

Factory repairs from the original make

This is a much reliable method than the previous two. You’ll be guaranteed that they will replace with original spare parts and also that phone will be repaired by a group of expertise who has developed its original make. However, this method can be very costly. Most of the factory repair shops will be outside the country so it may even take a longer period for the repairs to take place. One good thing is that some companies may give u a spare phone to be used till the repairs are been done. It is totally up to you to make the choice where to get your phone repairs done.

Cracked Ipad Screen? Rescue Tips For You!

February 24, 2016 Shanti Kamps 0

In a world where we are surrounded with innovation and invention, it came as an unexpected surprise when tablets made their way into our lives. Suddenly there was an alternate option to reading all our favourite articles and accessing all the latest news on a screen that was easier to operate than a smartphone. It was now possible to even load presentations for company meetings without having to lug laptops back and forth. Just as with mobile phones, tablets too are at risk of cracking their screens, although these handy tips should help you get it back in shape all by yourself!

When it comes to any of these devices, warranty is something you should have checked at the time of purchase. Believe it or not, many forget this important factor both before and after buying it, which makes life more difficult than it needs to be. Before you consider anything else, check on your warranty so you know your eligibility for an iPad mini screen replacement. You should also remember that Apple tends to operate a bit differently than other manufacturers, so you need to read up on their policies clearly. They have different warranty plans, and you can contact them to find out which one you are on.

Not limited to tablets, a backup is something you need to have sorted out beforehand, but if not do it right now. You can never deduce the type of repair your device is going to need, and it would be a shame if due to carelessness you lost all your data such as music and pictures you might have stored. Sometimes, repair shops need to wipe the device clean and work on it from scratch so ensure you back up the data yourself.

For those of you who are Apple devotees, here is a piece of advice: Do NOT hand your device over to a third party to repair, as Apple will no longer assume responsibility for the device thereafter. If you have not read up on their policies, now would be a good time to, as this is one and they are quite strict about it too. If the third party repairer makes the situation a lot worse, your only option would be to buy a new one which could be quite painful on the wallet. So if you need an ipad mini screen replacement Sydney, contact an Apple service provider immediately.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and this is applicable here as well. There are now a variety of screen guards that are available for phones, and tablets alike. There is now the option of tempered-glass which is incredibly hardy and has the ability to shoulder quite severe impact. Speak to your provider to find out how you can get one for your tablet, and prevent the screen from cracking in the first place.

5 Key Features Of Mobile App That Can Prove Useful In Managing Sports!

November 23, 2015 Shanti Kamps 0

There are many people around us who wish to make their children’s career n sports. But these require parents to be active and visit clubs or association to communicate with coaches and get updates regularly. But now to make such task easy there are management mobile apps. The main goal to develop such app is to make communication easy for all. It has allowed parents to get information instantly and also helped the association to reduce their work pressure. It is very important to stay updated when part of any sports club is and so getting information on mobile have helped to stay connected. The association team can manage their team easily as an app is very easy to use and also given an option where information can be updated easily.

What are features of an app?

• Association or clubs have the option to perform their regular task like registration and payments on their mobile phone and reduce manual work.

• Parents or players can get schedule regarding any new league prior and thus they can plan according to it. It can make
management very easy for all.

• The association who are working for charity has an option to make their league connected with social media and thus can get more charity. It can also help in branding associations.

• The apps are connected with respective database and websites and thus association members are just requires updating in their database. It will automatically help to get mobile apps to get updated.

• Association can promote them sponsored easily through such platform and thus can get more sponsors to conduct any new events.

The sports team management mobile app has helped people to make communication easy. The clubs can update information at any time and also send a notification to players. These can help players to get notify regarding any new updates and thus make them updated with all latest details. The easy way to manage any league and communicating with parents has helped to make life easy for all. There are many children’s who are not able to attend any such events or training can also follow such app and learn new thing from home. The association can connect with different people who are linked with a league with the help of notification.

The design of such app is very simple and attractive. It is very easy to get information from it and thus make life easy with the help of such powerful sports team organiser app. The easy option to communicate with players and other members has helped club members to work on games. The app is designed according to a need of club members and so they are stress-free with the help of such applications.