Where To Fix A Damaged Smart Phone?

July 11, 2016 Shanti Kamps 0

Smart phone is a devise that we carry almost everywhere with us. The more it is being carried, more chances for accidents to take place. You might drop it on the ground while running to catch a bus, your toddler might drop it inside his milk cup or it might even accidentally fall from your hands inside the swimming pool. Some of us might be having the fanciest phone covers or the most durable screen protectors. Even though, sometime accidents are not preventable. Most of the phones now a days end up with a crack screen, water damaged camera lances or battery problems by encountering an accident.

Do it your self

If you search on YouTube, there will be enough and more videos on how to gather knowledge on, fixing a damaged phone. There are many ways explained on different scenarios, sometimes it might be easier than you think and of course it is one of the cheapest ad easiest ways to repair your phone if you manage to do it accurately. However, it is very important that you make sure what you’re doing and the reliability of the sources that information comes from. Any further damaged caused to your phone might be very costly and at times your phone it may even be impossible to get back to its original state.

Repair shops

Any repairs on Samsung galaxy or like iphone 6 screen repairs, can be very costly if you plan to get it repaired by the factory itself. It can also be very time consuming. There are many phone repair shops available in the market today. They provide services much cheaper than the factory services. You can also expect a much quicker service from them. Some may even repair a phone within a few minutes depending on the damage. This is a much better option than doing it buy yourself when it comes to the reliability.  Almost all the phone repair workers today carry a good knowledge and they are well experienced in tackling different kinds of repairs. However, there can be a few fraudsters as well. It is up to you to do some research before making a visit to the shop.

Factory repairs from the original make

This is a much reliable method than the previous two. You’ll be guaranteed that they will replace with original spare parts and also that phone will be repaired by a group of expertise who has developed its original make. However, this method can be very costly. Most of the factory repair shops will be outside the country so it may even take a longer period for the repairs to take place. One good thing is that some companies may give u a spare phone to be used till the repairs are been done. It is totally up to you to make the choice where to get your phone repairs done.